IT Support Computer service Zagreb

If You need a professional IT support or any kind of computer service in Zagreb area, We are here.

Team of 6 professional engineers and specialists can support You on any area of IT:
– networking
– computer, notebook, laptop, server, printer service
– software support (instalations, maintance, virus protection)
– system integration
– IT support / maintance
…or any another IT releated tasks.

24 years of experiance, and our Urgent support Team is 00-24 for Your support. 


Ready, equiped, and capable to fullfill all tasks and jobs You asked, in schedule what You prefere.
We have a lot experiance to support big service vendors for local Croatian market. Cooperation with most of European & international service companies for Croatia support. We know the complete process, follow the vendor directions, forms and have a lot of experiance how to make customers very satisfied. Long term partnerships with big service vendors (like Sescom, EXCIS, SourceSupport, Yvolve, Trison, Calzedonia, Axiam, YouCall-it…) for years.
If You or Your client, need any IT support in Zagreb area, We are here to help.

The best prices, skilled technicians and specialists, best quality service, prompt reaction.
+38513097402 (english speaking)
+385912062677 (Urgent)

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InfoLAB E.I. d.o.o. 

Sokolgradska 28 10000 Zagreb

Open: 08:30 – 16:30 Saturday: 09:00 – 15:00